Borgmann Aquaponik Hydroponik


Ctrl and Shift mean the same keyboard keys, Meta is metakey, on PC it's Alt or single Esc press.

F3 Begin of text selection. Second press - end of text selection
Shift+F3 Begin of block text selection
F5 Copy text selection
F6 Move text selection
F8 Delete text selection
Meta+i Go to previous bookmark
Meta+j Go to next bookmark
Meta+k Toggle bookmark
Meta+l Go to line by number
Meta+o Flush bookmarks
Meta+q Insert literal. See table at bottom of this page
Meta+t Sort of text in selection.
Meta+u Execute external command and insert output into cursor position
Ctrl+f Save selection into external file
Ctrl+k Delete chars to end of line
Ctrl+n Create new file
Ctrl+s Toggle syntax highlighting
Ctrl+t Select text charset
Ctrl+u Undo
Ctrl+x Go to end of next word
Ctrl+y Delete line
Ctrl+z Go to start of previous word
Shift+F5 Insert external file content into cursor position
Meta+Enter Codejump dialog
Meta+- Move back into codejump (go to from function definition to function call)
Meta++ Move forvard into codejump (go to from function call to function definition)
Meta+n Toggle number of lines
tab If 'persistent blocks' option is on, then move selected text to right
M-tab If 'persistent blocks' option is on, then move selected text to left
Shift+Arrows Text selection
Meta+Arrows Block text selection
Meta+Shift+- Toggle show visible tabs and trailing spaces

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